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    Brass with marble is
    Brass and all kinds of furniture can hav
    Brass Furniture safa
    Type and purpose of
    Brass Furniture safa Legs for sale in china
    Brass Furniture
    Furniture /2019-11-15/Page View:60
    Lurada provides customized brass sofa feet. The company serves European and American design companies and strictly controls product quality. The compa[More]
    How to make special brass bar
    How to make spec
    Furniture /2019-12-02/Page View:27
    all elements reduce the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the copper rod without exception. All elements are solid solution in the copper rod, [More]
    Specification for properties and heat treatment of H59 brass
    Specification fo
    Furniture /2019-12-02/Page View:27
    H59-1 brass bar refers to the brass alloy processed into bar shape, and its material is H59-1 brass. With the extensive application of brass in people[More]
    Processing process of heat treatment specification for brass
    Processing proce
    Furniture /2019-12-02/Page View:22
    Low temperature annealing of brass bar - the primary purpose is to eliminate the internal stress, avoid the stress corrosion cracking of brass and the[More]
    Parameter and material classification of brass bar
    Parameter and ma
    Furniture /2019-12-02/Page View:23
    Brass bar is made of copper and zinc alloy. It is named for its yellow color. The melting point of brass containing 56% ~ 68% copper is 934 ~ 967 ℃. B[More]
    Notes on the processing of brass hand plate model
    Notes on the pro
    Furniture /2019-12-02/Page View:24
    Lurada is good at brass hand plate model processing, aluminum alloy hand plate model processing, etc. Because for many years, we have been focusing on[More]
    Adjust the marketing mode of furniture and hardware industry
    Adjust the marke
    Furniture /2019-11-27/Page View:87
    There is no standard industry classification for furniture hardware accessories in China. It belongs to hardware industry - hardware and tools branch,[More]
    Manufacturing technology and process of sofa
    Manufacturing te
    Furniture /2019-11-11/Page View:27
    The basic production process of sofa can be divided into: the production of sofa frame, bottoming and cutting sofa feet, sitting and coloring sponge b[More]
    How to sign more bills for building materials alliance activ
    How to sign more
    Furniture /2019-07-21/Page View:53
    The essence of alliance activities is resource sharing, the most direct one is customer resource sharing, which is also the most important point of ho[More]
    Sales Skills and Speech of Lamps Industry
    Sales Skills and
    Furniture /2019-07-13/Page View:45
    No matter what kind of sales, it is very important to first study the psychology of target consumers, and combine the actual sales experience to find [More]

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