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    Brass with marble is
    Brass and all kinds of furniture can hav
    Brass Furniture safa
    Type and purpose of
    Precautions for customized shower room
    Precautions for
    FAQ/2020-06-16/Page View:51
    Health and safety, dry and wet separation of the bathroom environment is the most important part of home decoration, and shower room, as an essential [More]
    What about the sofa legs made of stainless steel and wood?
    What about the s
    FAQ/2020-01-22/Page View:134
    Wooden sofa legs are not as strong as stainless steel in nature. Good sofa legs are also durable, but the price will be higher. Metal stainless steel [More]
    What to pay attention to when buying an office sofa
    What to pay atte
    FAQ/2020-01-22/Page View:101
    What should I pay attention to when buying office sofas? The purchase of office sofas is not the same as other office furniture, because it is not lik[More]
    What is casting process
    What is casting
    FAQ/2019-12-21/Page View:116
    Casting is a kind of metal hot working technology which has been mastered by human beings for about 6000 years. China has entered the heyday of bronze[More]
    Can medium frequency spot welder weld copper?
    Can medium frequ
    FAQ/2019-12-21/Page View:127
    Can medium frequency spot welder weld copper? The medium frequency spot welding machine can weld copper. In the existing spot welding equipment, the m[More]
    How to control the production material of profiled copper?
    How to control t
    FAQ/2019-12-13/Page View:119
    In modern society, quality has been integrated into every customer's psychology, and has become the highest pursuit of enterprises. As a consumer, if [More]
    Reasons for the prosperity of copper stairs
    Reasons for the
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:82
    Because of its natural, soft and warm characteristics, copper was also widely used in ancient family decoration. Copper stairs are also common in the [More]
    How to maintain the copper stairs
    How to maintain
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:42
    At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's residential areas have also made progress, so the requirements of copper sta[More]
    How about the copper door of the villa
    How about the co
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:35
    In terms of practicability, copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors, not only free from deformation and cracking, but also waterproof and an[More]
    Brief introduction and characteristics of red copper
    Brief introducti
    FAQ/2019-11-27/Page View:41
    Red copper is pure copper, also known as red copper. It has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to be made b[More]
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