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    Brass with marble is
    Brass and all kinds of furniture can hav
    Brass Furniture safa
    Type and purpose of
    How to control the production material of profiled copper?
    How to control t
    FAQ/2019-12-13/Page View:0
    In modern society, quality has been integrated into every customer's psychology, and has become the highest pursuit of enterprises. As a consumer, if [More]
    Reasons for the prosperity of copper stairs
    Reasons for the
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:2
    Because of its natural, soft and warm characteristics, copper was also widely used in ancient family decoration. Copper stairs are also common in the [More]
    How to maintain the copper stairs
    How to maintain
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:2
    At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's residential areas have also made progress, so the requirements of copper sta[More]
    How about the copper door of the villa
    How about the co
    FAQ/2019-12-06/Page View:2
    In terms of practicability, copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors, not only free from deformation and cracking, but also waterproof and an[More]
    Brief introduction and characteristics of red copper
    Brief introducti
    FAQ/2019-11-27/Page View:6
    Red copper is pure copper, also known as red copper. It has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to be made b[More]
    What are the types of copper
    What are the typ
    FAQ/2019-11-26/Page View:3
    Made of pure copper or copper alloy in various shapes including bars, wires, plates, belts, strips, tubes, foils, etc.[More]
    How to maintain the brass hinges
    How to maintain
    FAQ/2019-11-22/Page View:6
    Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean with chemical detergent or acid liquid. If there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to [More]
    How to choose brass door hinges
    How to choose br
    FAQ/2019-11-22/Page View:3
    Look at the weight of the material: if the quality of the brass hinge is poor, the cabinet door will be easy to move forward and backward after a long[More]
    Inspection and correct installation of brass hinge
    Inspection and c
    FAQ/2019-11-22/Page View:4
    Brass hinge: also known as brass hinge or brass hinge, a mechanical device made of brass to connect two solids and allow rotation between them.[More]
    What are the welding processes for stainless steel plates?
    What are the wel
    FAQ/2019-11-16/Page View:6
    The blank used is steel plate or strip steel, which can be divided into furnace welding pipe, electric welding (resistance welding) pipe and active ar[More]
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