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    Brass with marble is
    Brass and all kinds of furniture can hav
    Brass Furniture safa
    Type and purpose of
    Type and purpose of brass metal sofa legs
    Type and purpose
    News/2019-11-15/Page View:31
    In our life, we must be clear about the types of sofas, but we should not know about the types and uses of sofas! Today, lurada will introduce one by [More]
    Sofa leg customization in China
    Sofa leg customi
    News/2020-01-22/Page View:2
    04A Product model: 04A Material: aluminum (tube), iron (top) Tube specification: 40X40MM Surface treatment: tube (aluminum primary color), iron sheet [More]
    H96 brass properties
    H96 brass proper
    News/2019-12-24/Page View:6
    H96 brass has higher strength than red copper (but in common brass, it is lower), good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistanc[More]
    Characteristic application of Chinese brass medal
    Characteristic a
    News/2019-12-24/Page View:5
    Chinese Brass brand features 1, H59 common brass; the price is cheaper, the strength and hardness are high, but it can withstand pressure processing w[More]
    Theoretical weight formula of brass
    Theoretical weig
    News/2019-12-24/Page View:5
    Calculation formula of brass bar weight: radius x radius x 3.14x length x density (8.9) / 1000000[More]
    Annual review: three key points in 2019 (copper)
    Annual review: t
    News/2019-12-24/Page View:5
    First of all, decarbonization has become a top priority for governments and industries to reduce emissions. Second, ensuring that resources are reused[More]
    The price of nonferrous metals was slightly higher last week
    The price of non
    News/2019-12-24/Page View:1
    Ministry of Commerce: the price of nonferrous metals was slightly higher last week[More]
    0.27 * 1.3mm toothbrush hair planting brass flat wire
    0.27 * 1.3mm too
    News/2019-12-23/Page View:0
    0.27 * 1.3mm toothbrush hair planting brass flat wire[More]
    Brass disc red copper disc stamping gasket
    Brass disc red c
    News/2019-12-23/Page View:0
    Lurada copper gasket, brass disc, copper washer, brass gasket, copper flat gasket, copper meson, brass washer, copper disc, punched copper disc, brass[More]
    Reference of Guangdong copper price on December 17
    Reference of Gua
    News/2019-12-17/Page View:5
    Product name, material, price range, unit, rise and fall, origin / brand, release date, remarks 1 × copper 1 × 48900-49100 yuan / ton 200 domestic 20[More]
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