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Five trends of shower room industry in the future

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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pursue comfortable and high-quality home life.

Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the development trend and change of shower room industry.

(1) People's consumption concept and consumer groups of shower room products are changing

With the changes of the times, the future development trend of shower room industry will also change. Shower room market will be gradually occupied by the post-80s and post-90s, and consumer groups will spread from the first tier cities to the vast countryside and second tier cities.

The shower room products have changed from the past pursuit of luxury bathroom products (massage tank, steam room) and the large and local luxury shower room to practical needs. Consumers need simple, fast, time-saving and space-saving in the use process.

In recent years, the shower room products are more and more popular with the majority of consumers, and increasing at an average rate of 20% - 25%, which provides a great development space for the shower room market. According to statistics, in the bathroom matching of the existing real estate projects, as well as the new star hotels, the shower room products account for more than 80%.

(2) New growth points in rural areas and second tier cities

As the country continues to promote the construction of rural urbanization, more and more farmers will become urban residents, their living standards will continue to improve, consumption capacity will gradually show up, improve the living environment, improve the quality of life is becoming an urgent need for urban residents. And the shower room with good quality is not only the daily necessities, but also the artwork that highlights the taste of the host, and it is the symbol of their high-quality life. Therefore, it is advisable to target the market position at the second tier cities and vast rural areas, with great market potential.

(3) Product development

In terms of product research and development, it should be targeted. 1、 For some high-end customers, develop high-end products to meet high-end needs. 2、 For rural and ordinary family bathroom, design and provide marketable simple products to meet the needs of ordinary families and affordable housing.

(4) Strengthen product matching and provide high-quality service

Customer's consumption concept is changing to "one-stop" bathroom supporting direction. Therefore, if we rely on the shower room single product to fight alone as before, it is impossible to be independent and have no long-term foothold in the market. Strengthen in-depth and horizontal support, improve pre-sales and after-sales service level, and use one-stop service to attract customers.

(5) Shower room products conform to the national industrial policy

Water saving and energy saving is an eternal theme in shower room. In response to the call of building a conservation oriented society, it also puts forward higher standards for the future sanitary products. Water saving is still the trend of the development of sanitary products and an important goal of the sanitary industry. The advantages of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection are in line with the trend of the times and the industrial policies of the country. Therefore, they should be vigorously developed to meet the market demand.

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