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Precautions for customized shower room

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Health and safety, dry and wet separation of the bathroom environment is the most important part of home decoration, and shower room, as an essential

Health and safety, dry and wet separation of the bathroom environment is the most important part of home decoration, and shower room, as an essential existence, has become the most popular product in the building materials market. With the shower room becoming more and more popular with the owners, nowadays, people want not only an ordinary shower room, but also a shower room full of fashion, safety and high beauty. However, the standard room on the market and their own bathroom are not well matched, so many people will choose the customized shower room. So, what should we pay attention to when customizing the shower room? Let's talk about it briefly.

1、 Factors needing attention

(1) The best time to choose shower room

Before the toilet is decorated, the appropriate size shall be measured in advance and the corresponding hole position shall be embedded in advance, and the waterproof and drainage design shall be done well. If the water supply system has been installed and the floor tiles have been pasted, the shower room products should be selected accordingly.

(2) Factors to consider

Before choosing a shower room, first of all, we should choose the shower room style that is most suitable for our own bathroom pattern according to the size of the bathroom, combined with personal preferences; then we should design comprehensively for the toilet's toilet, wash basin, bathroom cabinet and other bathroom configuration, as well as the way to open the door, the distance from the bathroom cabinet, the toilet seat, the treatment of the bottom of the shower room and so on, so as to customize the shower room suitable for our own home

Prepare for the early work.

(3) Custom installation issues

When customizing the shower room, you can choose the standard size, or you can make non-standard customization according to the actual pattern of the toilet. If you want to buy a shower room in the building materials market, you'd better bring a toilet structure diagram with clear size for the store operator's reference. You can also ask the professional installation master of the manufacturer to measure on site, and then the manufacturer can design, customize, install and after-sales one-stop service. However, the production cycle of the non-standard shower room is slightly longer and the cost is higher.

2、 Three aspects should be paid attention to

(1) Pay attention to material quality

As the main material of the shower room, the quality of the glass determines the grade of the shower room. There are many kinds of glass materials in the shower room, including ordinary glass, semi tempered glass and fully tempered glass. The best choice for the cost performance is the high-quality tempered glass! In addition, CCC certification and brand mark shall be selected, and the state sample of glass toughened fragment shall be carefully looked at. According to the national standard, the safe amount of toughened glass with an area of 50 * 50mm shall be more than 40 pieces! The glass in the leibowden shower room is white crystal glass. The primary float glass is selected. It has high purity, high safety performance, light transmittance up to 91.5%, and is transparent to the naked eye.

Finish saying the glass, of course to say the fixed shower room glass hardware material, generally aluminum, copper, stainless steel. High quality raw materials are the basis of aluminum quality. High quality aluminum ingots are used as raw materials for leibowden aluminum, with a purity of more than 95%. About 0.2% of copper, magnesium, titanium, silicon and other trace elements are added, with a hardness of 13-14 degrees. Leibowden steel is 304 stainless steel, containing more than 8 nickel components, corrosion-resistant, beautiful, long service life.

(2) Pay attention to details and humanization

Pay attention to the details when customizing the shower room. In order to make full use of the space, you may choose to match the glass shelf when choosing the shower room, which is very practical. In addition, if there are old people and children in the family, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the bottom is antiskid, whether the door opening direction is convenient, whether the threshold of the shower room is high or low, whether it is necessary to configure a shower stool, etc., and fully consider the safety and bath comfort of the family.

(3) Pay attention to after-sales service

After sale service is the most important part of after sale. High quality after-sales service is the product of brand economy, and the after-sales service of famous brand products is often better than that of miscellaneous brand products. Therefore, before customizing the shower room products, the owners should understand how the brand's after-sales service is done, provide protection for themselves, and avoid worries.

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