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Copper casting technology

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The technique of copper sculpture and the shape of copper crafts are mainly flat piece work,

 The technique of copper sculpture and the shape of copper crafts are mainly flat piece work, which is installed on some implements or hung for appreciation. The operation of chiseling technology is to process a variety of relief patterns on the metal plate with special tools and techniques according to a certain technological process after designing the rows or patterns.

In terms of casting methods, in addition to sand casting, copper castings and other non-ferrous alloys are also widely used in various special casting methods, such as metal mold casting, centrifugal casting, low-pressure casting and graphite mold casting.

The process of smelting metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring it into the mold, cooling, solidification and cleaning treatment to obtain castings (parts or blanks) with predetermined shape, size and performance is casting.

In the process of copper alloy casting, metal mold casting is used to accelerate the solidification of the alloy, which plays an important role in improving the quality of copper castings and reducing casting defects. Metal mold casting can subdivide grains (especially for aluminum bronze and manganese brass), reduce porosity, improve the mechanical properties and air tightness of the alloy (especially for tin bronze). In lead bronze and other high lead content copper alloys, the use of metal mold (as well as water-cooled metal mold) casting can prevent the segregation of copper components. In addition, there are many cylinder parts (bearings, bushes) in copper alloy castings, so there are many centrifugal casting methods.

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