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Chengdu copper relief round sculpture manufacturer

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Chengdu copper relief round sculpture manufacturer, corresponding effect of space level. Three dimensional effect is to need shadow, so that we can ac

 Chengdu copper relief round sculpture manufacturer, corresponding effect of space level. Three dimensional effect is to need shadow, so that we can achieve the real effect. Forging copper is a kind of technology different from casting copper. It is basically on the same spatial level at all the sudden starting points, and it doesn't pay attention to the fore-and-aft relationship of the object itself. This kind of expression technique note if uses the human's vision wrong vision to achieve the light dark relation to mold the image three-dimensional feeling, both the protruding part is bright, the sunken part is dark or gray.


Engraving copper plate is a general term for making the original copper intaglio plate without using the photographic plate making process. There are two kinds of processes: direct engraving and etching. Direct engraving can be divided into two kinds: manual engraving and machine engraving. The printed products made of direct engraving copper plate have clear and true lines, can reproduce fine patterns, and are suitable for the printing of valuable securities art works and maps.

Patterns and auspicious patterns after forging. There are some classic flowers and plants, such as dragon, tiger, Phoenix, turtle, beast, lion, unicorn, deer, crane, mandarin duck and so on. The reason why copper gate is popular is largely related to its exquisite decoration, which is copper art. As an ancient art of the door, copper art is used on the door, mainly through relief and hollowing

With the improvement of home environment, people begin to pursue high quality of life. In the aspect of home decoration, we pay more attention to the grade, comfort, durability and beauty. In the selection of various home decoration materials, we tend to be more diversified. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of copper decoration industry, people pay more and more attention to copper decoration.

To provide a solid foundation for the finalization, the finalization clay sculpture shall be modified after being enlarged in proportion to the small draft, and the mold shall be remade until the work and the reference material are completely finished. The remake mold is determined by the complexity of the work. The simpler work can be remade by gypsum, and the more complicated one will be remade by silica gel. After the mold is turned over, pour the melted paraffin into the already made gypsum mold or silica gel mold,

Demand is also the function of sculpture. The reliefs of ancient Egypt and China are mostly low reliefs, which mostly use the elements of painting. The reliefs of ancient Greece and India are mostly copper reliefs, which are treated with lines and light. They basically display the image of the round sculpture with the base plate on the same plane, and the ones that are suitable for the decoration of the building wall are low reliefs.

Chengdu copper relief round sculpture manufacturer, although the current copper building decoration has just emerged in China, but through various surveys found that people are full of expectations for copper decoration, I believe that in the near future copper decoration will more and more into people's lives. Copper decoration dominates the high-end decoration market. Copper decoration is the decoration material people yearn for. It is luxurious and low-key. It also has many incomparable functions with other decoration materials, so it has many markets in the world.

Do you know what details are very important in the process of sculpture production? Maybe many people haven't thought about it. In the next big time, they will build a large sculpture in places with a lot of people. That is to say, sculpture production is becoming more and more popular in the market,.

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