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Casting process of brass ornaments

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Although the decoration looks very simple, the production process of modern copper crafts decoration is not a general simple process of assembly and s

 Although the decoration looks very simple, the production process of modern copper crafts decoration is not a general simple process of assembly and stacking, but requires professional casting technology, sculpture, mold opening and other complex process operation and running in. It is made by adopting copper alloy material suitable for sculpture casting, high temperature and hot-melt casting.

1. Material selection

At present, copper for casting is mainly brass, tin bronze and pure copper.

Brass is copper with a certain amount of zinc. Generally, brass with zinc content of about 30-40% is often used for art casting. Brass has good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot and cold state, easy to cut, easy to braze and weld, corrosion resistance. Glossiness, delicacy and artistic expression are rich. In addition, the price of brass is relatively cheap, which is the most commonly used material in modern copper carving process.

Copper alloys other than brass and white copper are collectively referred to as bronze. Tin bronze is one of the oldest alloys. Ancient China used to make tripod, bell, weapon, bronze mirror and other artifacts. Tin bronze has good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy processing, high hardness, small shrinkage, good durability, and it is also a common art casting material.

2. Process casting

The casting process of copper carving is complex, involving all aspects of professional operation knowledge and steps, which will not be described here. The brief introduction is as follows:

The sintering spare hollow cavity is prepared. Weigh appropriate amount of copper, zinc, tin and other metals according to the proportion, put them into the crucible, and heat them to 1100-1500 ℃. Until the copper and other metals in the crucible are completely melted and mixed. Then the melted copper liquid is injected into the mold cavity immediately. After cooling, the outer sand shell is shaken to break, and the rough embryo of copper product is peeled off.

It should be specially pointed out that in order to pursue low cost and vicious competition, some manufacturers often use impure miscellaneous copper, inferior scrap copper and other unqualified raw materials. In addition, the poor technology and unreasonable process plan will cause various casting defects of copper castings.

3. Cleaning and polishing of riser

Al l newly cast copper carvings need sand cleaning, riser cleaning, polishing and other processes to make the appearance of copper carvings more smooth and delicate, and the appearance of copper carvings more noble, which requires the auxiliary workers to be conscientious, rigorous and meticulous process operation. Grinding operation directly determines the quality of the finished copper carving and copper sculpture.

4. Joint cleaning

The polished copper carvings are divided into blocks and welded together to form a complete whole. After this step, we can basically see the general appearance of our copper sculpture. Next, we began to clean up the welded joints, and made the welding parts of the spliced copper sculptures look like mud.

5. Surface coloring

After the copper carving is basically finished, we can then carry out the surface coloring treatment. The coloring of the bronze carving is determined according to the customer's requirements. It mainly reflects the period of the work. If it is ancient, it is generally suitable for bronze color, and modern is suitable for ancient bronze color. Of course, there are many modern sculptures, some of which are gilded, some of which are gilded and some of which are painted.

6. Oiling and sealing wax

After coloring, it is the last process to apply oil and seal wax. After so many steps, a bronze work of art is cast. Oiling and wax sealing can keep our copper sculptures up to date for a long time.

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