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DIY led lights for night fishing

Author:LURADA Release time:2019-06-19 Page View:76

 Parts list:

1. 48MM*25MM Circular Aluminum Radiator 1

2.3W high power LED blue light beads 4 (only one)

3. 20MM Aluminum Substrate 3 (only one)

4.8 degree LED lens 2 (only one)

5.2-gear 18650 battery power driver board 1

6. The red and white color of LED high temperature resistant fine wires are 1 meter each (only 10CM is used for each color)

7. 1 branch of thermal conductive silica gel for bonding

8.2.1MM core DC power connector (male and female head) 1 set

Tools used: soldering iron, tweezers, scissors

Specific production process to see the picture, each picture has a commentary.

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